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Landscape Shape and Form design and construct decks and decking as part of our complete landscaping projects throughout Melbourne. Our experienced tradespeople create high quality decks from a range of different timbers in an almost endless choice of designs customised specifically for your garden and your families outdoor entertaining needs.

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We take care of every aspect of your landscaping project from design to construction. We envision your vision and make it a reality.

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Using decking in your landscaping project

Constructing a deck is the perfect solution for a sloping or uneven block. Hardwood timbers such as Merbau, Ironbark, and Spotted Gum are an excellent choice of decking material. The grain and natural earthy hues make them a more attractive option than softwoods such as treated pine.

Hardwood decking although initially more expensive than softwood, are highly durable, naturally resilient to rotting and with a coat of oil will continue to look great for many years to come.

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Our team of deck builders at Landscape Shape and Form has constructed a large and varied array of timber decks. We work closely with every client to design and construct the perfect deck and outdoor space for their needs.

Our thorough knowledge of council requirements, including staircase and hand railing heights makes it easy for us to advise you on what can be achieved within your landscape design.

Merbau decking

Merbau is the most commonly used timber for deck construction in Melbourne. Also known as ‘Kwila’ this durable hardwood is an introduced species from Asia and is today grown in Northern Queensland.

Its colours vary from yellow-orange to a deep brown hue. Naturally resistant to termites, Merbau is also used for making things such as musical instruments, boats, cabinets, tool handles, and furniture. Merbau is a great choice for decking, and because our deck builders only use certified Merbau, you will have peace of mind that the Merbau used for your deck is from a well managed sustainable forest.

Treated pine decking

Treated pine is probably the next most common timber that decks are built from, behind Merbau. Unlike Merbau it is a soft wood species. Generally softwoods are very strong structurally.

Treated pine is more commonly used for applications such as house framing, pergola posts, flooring, and beams. It is a great material to use for a deck, however its colour is not as appealing as Merbau, which is why it used less commonly.

Spotted Gum decking

Varying in colour from pale straw sapwood to deep chocolate brown or red brown heartwood, Spotted Gum a popular decking timber throughout Melbourne. A strong, durable hardwood this native timber is termite resistant, and versatile to work with inside and outside the home.

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Our landscaping team create stunning gardens with minute attention to detail ensuring your outdoor area will look amazing for years to come. Contact the Landscape Shape and Form team on 0400 999 670 or complete our landscaping enquiry form today.